Artist in Coexistence

Artist in Coexistence (AiC) is a project initiated and run by Skogen. It is a platform and a lab for a multidisciplinary artistic exploration of relationships and coexistence between all living things from a posthumanist perspective. Through unconventional methods and approaches, we want to give individual artists, creatives and researchers time and space for development and renewal within a wide range of artistic practices. The platform can be seen as a miniature of the world, where the small local site can act as a prototype for a larger planetary context. The human relationship with all other living things is broken, and AiC becomes a test bed for how us humans, with art as a tool, can step down from our pedestal to re-establish a sustainable coexistence.

The physical platform is currently being built up at the island of Orust, Sweden. The residence program will be introduced and started during 2023.

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