Nora Art is an art association in the small town of Nora, Sweden. Their main event is the annual summer exhibition of contemporary art taking place in four large floors of the old-brewery-house-turned-art-gallery. In the year of 2020 a global pandemic prevented the planned summer exhibition from taking place. But instead of shutting down, the curator quickly came up with a new concept adapted to the circumstances. The outdoor exhibition »Övergående« (Transient) came to be. The central theme of the exhibition was about existing in an uncertain and anxious time, and the whole approach was all about making things on the go and be in the moment.

Key to the exhibition design and printed matter was to reflect that central theme and movement in both the design process and the creative concept. Together with the curator we sat down to pin down the brief, values and speed-designed the whole project in eight hours from scratch to finish including the full 24 page fanzine.

Riso printing by Beast Studio.