Västerbottens Museum

I20 & K4: Perspectives on the regimental town

Västerbottens Museum is a regional museum for the Västerbotten County in the north of Sweden. It is located in the city of Umeå, and one of Sweden’s most visited county museums.

Västerbottens museum acquired a large collection of objects from Umeå’s disbanded regiments I20 and K4. Umeå had been a regimental town for a long time, which has played a major role in the city’s development. While the collection covered most of the military history, the museum were missing the parallel stories from the everyday life around the regiments and in the city, they might have been norm-breaking or haven’t been seen as important to collect. Stories that normally isn’t told in this context.

The name of the exhibition was »I20 & K4 – Perspectives on the regimental town«, and the main purpose of the exhibition was to collect these stories from the public to add more context to the collection and the city’s history. The stories was continously curated and added to the exhibition by the museum during its time of display.